We’re helping manufacturers succeed with technology solutions that connect them to the real-time enterprise asset intelligence they need to shave off seconds, drive down defects and work more safely.


  • Inventory and Materials Management – Having the right materials available when and where they’re needed keeps your production processes moving from the moment you receive raw materials until you ship the end product to your customers. Using real-time data you can optimize the material management in your plants and warehouses, reducing waste and downtime across your entire operation.
  • Warehouse Management – When it comes to creating a real-time warehouse, only Media Source brings you true end-to-end solutions — from the mobile devices in the hands of your workforce to the wireless Wi-Fi networks and RFID infrastructure that enable workers to access your business data in every inch of the warehouse, plus services that help you get and keep your mobile warehouse solution up and running at peak performance.  The result is increased productivity and accuracy.
  • Barcode Verification – Printing poor barcodes can result lost productivity and accuracy.  Worse yet, it can even result in large fines from your customer.   Media Source offers a complete line of Barcode Verifiers and has the experience to make barcode verification a success.